The company refers to “Capital Recruitment Group” of Unit 11c 3 Wilson Road, Huyton Business Park, Liverpool, L36 6AN

Company Policy

It is the responsibility of the company and its clients to provide all Agency Workers with the necessary information, training and equipment to ensure safe and healthy working conditions.

The company will take reasonable steps to identify any known risks concerning Health and Safety and to satisfy itself that the end user has taken steps to control, prevent and minimise the known risks. We will also ensure that all workers have the correct qualifications and have received the correct training/site induction for each specific role the worker that maybe required to undertake.

Company Responsibilities

We will ensure that all training / site inductions will be carried out before commencement of the first shift and will contain the following

  • Duties to be undertaken for each role clearly explained and defined with any known Health and Safety risks and what steps the end user has taken to minimise, prevent or control.
  • We will ensure that all workers have got the relevant qualifications to carry out the duties of the role, which we will verify by taking copies of certificates or any necessary checks we can take.
  • Ensure the workers are fully briefed and understand what PPE (personal protective equipment) is required and provide free of charge if needed.
  • Provide adequate and enough information to enable workers to work safely
  • Ensure that all workers know how to raise Health and Safety concerns onsite at the end user.

The company will not send a worker to an assignment at an end user unless they are satisfied that their Health and Safety will be protected.

Your responsibilities

All agency workers have a duty in law to act responsibly and to take reasonable care for Health and Safety at work of both themselves and colleagues, this can be carried out by adhering to the following.

  • Working in a safe and efficient way
  • Ensure you are wearing the correct PPE meeting statutory obligations
  • Follow company procedures for securing a safe work place.
  • The reporting of all Incidents that have led to injury or damage
  • Ensure you are aware and observe the evacuation procedures laid down in the event of a fire or any other emergency. You must be aware of the exits, assembly points and first aiders and fire marshals on duty.

To ensure that this policy is kept up to date to reflect changes in the company and its clients and its effectiveness, we will review this policy annually.