Capital Recruitment Group Limited is fully aware of our obligations to the working population to ensure that any form of slavery is eradicated. As a people centred business we take the issue of modern day slavery seriously and everyone within our organisation has a responsibility to ensure that human rights are protected to ensure that any form of abuse in the form of slavery is reported and acted upon accordingly.

The Business Structure:

Capital Recruitment Group Limited is the labour provider of choice to a number of clients within the Logistics and Distribution sectors across the UK. We supply candidates on a temporary or permanent basis to our clients and have 3 divisions Logistics, Industrial and Healthcare.

Our Policies:

We have a number of polices in place to ensure that we are always providing the best in class service and support to our candidates, clients, suppliers and the community.

We have a strict code of ethics and equal opportunities policy in which we apply the fundamental principles of the ethos of our business to promote respect and fair employment to all candidates and clients any of our employees interact with.

Responsibility of the Policy:

When we meet all candidates we ensure that they feel comfortable in our environment and the employee/s that they meet. All our staff are fully trained and experienced to explain our processes in a clear and simple manner. We also ensure that all candidates supply us with the required right to work documentation to ensure their legal entitlement to work in the UK.

As a labour provider into the Supply Chain, we work closely with our clients so they understand our zero tolerance to modern slavery and human trafficking and to ensure that best practice adherence. We also encourage the reporting of any concerns. We also implement audits of all relevant documentation.

This declaration is in accordance with the modern slavery act of 2015 for the current financial year.