Temp To Perm Employment – why it benefits both the employer and the candidate

Employer – Taking this approach allows you the employer the chance to work closely with the staffing agency to identify quality candidates, whilst giving you the great opportunity to establish compatibility. The aim is for the candidate to become permanent but during this initial period any concerns can be discussed between both you as the employer and us the staffing agency without full commitment being in place. Success is generally high with premier staffing agencies reporting a conversion rate from temp to perm employment at 75% or 3 out of 4 workers. During this period the candidate is paid by us as the Agency so the importance of placing high calibre candidates is huge.

It also ensures as an employer you are not committing to a full contract from the outset which automatically unlocks cost benefits and can make the process of ending probation extremely difficult if the employment is not proving successful.

Working with us as a staffing agency also protects your staff turnover rates as we are largely responsible for the success and failure of converting the candidates role to permanent.

As an employer this approach also gives you the opportunity to test a new position within the company which you may not yet have a complete understanding of whether it will be required full time. This takes away the risk of creating a role and then reversing the need for the position.

Taking on candidates on a temp to perm basis also influences the commitment and work ethic of the candidate who is keen to impress and show that the conversion to permanent is completely the right decision.

We will also take away the time and stress required to advertise, interview and offer potential hires through our temp to perm approach. If the role doesn’t result in a successful conversion for permanent then we as the staffing agency will ensure the candidate is informed so you don’t have to.

Candidate – It’s a great opportunity to work in a business where you can ascertain whether both the role and the business are right for you without full commitment from the outset.

It is important for you to research the company and our role is to work alongside you by giving you clear, transparent information into the company, the culture and the run rates of candidate success from temporary to permanent employment.

Your success is our success so our aim is to ensure we only place candidates who have a strong level of compatibility.

Taking a temp to perm position enables you to decide whether it’s the right role for you without the risk of filling your CV with jobs which have ended prematurely but have been taken on a permanent basis. This makes future interviews easier in terms of explaining your career path.

We are on hand throughout the 13 week period to help you settle in and are there to give you guidance and advice to help you succeed.

Is it a popular route for employers?

According to the International Confederation of Private Employment Agencies (CIETT), the UK has the highest number of temporary workers in Europe, with over 1.3 million temps working in the UK; that’s around 5% of the UK workforce.

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