We considering your next role, there is a number of factors specific to you to consider in terms of maintaining a strong work/life balance, one question many ask themselves is whether to find full time employment or work on a temporary basis?

Capital Recruitment Group work with clients and candidates daily filling short term roles and permanent placements so have a good understanding of the pros and cons of each which we will outline in more  details, which we hope will give you a more measured approach when considering your next role.

Temporary Employment



Working on a temporary basis give you the flexibility to choose when you work, a number of our clients are 24/7 so have a variety of shifts options available that can cater for workers who have other commitments such as college and childcare. There is no commitment on the number of hours you need to do weekly so can increase/decrease hours to fit with your needs.


Temporary work gives you the option to work in a number of different industries in order to find the industry that interests you most. This enables you to understand the different sectors before making a commitment.

Meet new people

Moving around different companies, regularly means that you will meet a number of different people increasing your network of professional contacts.

Your decision 

You hear of a lot of people who are stuck in a rut when they do not like the current role they are working in but cannot leave without a job to go to. Working temporary gives you the choice to say yes or no to opportunities as and when you are offered them. You can register with more than one recruitment agency which again will give you more choice.

Temp to Perm

A number of our clients are choosing this method to increase their permanent head count which gives both you and the employer a period of time to get to know each other and understand the benefits of taking a full time role without the commitment from the outset.


Less rights

Temporary employees often have fewer rights  in relation to sick and holiday leave, although you accrue holidays each time you work, if you do not work you do not accrue any.


Clients can change or cancel your work at short notice which means you will not be paid and may struggle to find alternative work for that particular day. This can be a real disadvantage should you have a weekly minimum earnings expectation.

Permanent Employment


Financial stability

When you are working on a permanent basis with a fixed number of hours you work weekly this gives to security from a financial aspect as you know your earnings on a weekly/monthly/annual basis, This enables you to financially plan for the long term.

Career growth

When working on a permanent basis there will be more opportunities to develop your career during your tenure to more senior roles within the business.

Personal development

Employees often invest in their staff in terms of training and succession planning. This often leads to you gaining more skills and qualifications that can be of benefit in the future.


Work / Life balance

It is sometimes difficult for full time employees to achieve a ideal work / life balance, set holiday allowance per year and some employers only allow so many people off at any one time which may not suit the dates you want. Set hours such as 0600-1400 or 0800-1700 which may impact and increase costs to cover before or after school clubs for children.

Notice periods 

Notice periods will differ from employer to employer, but should your notice period be 4 weeks or longer this may deter potential new employees when looking for a new role.

Still unsure?

Speak to one of our trained Consultants now who will be more than happy to discuss your requirements in more details to assist you in making the right choice for you and your career.

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